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About us
CipherSync has creative solutions to business software dilemmas and the expertise to help in managing change. We provide a competitive edge through the innovative use of information technology (IT) methodologies. We develop and integrate business deliverables tailored to the customer's specific IT business needs.

CipherSync has over 20 years of quality IT delivery experience.  We have delivered in most vertical markets and have a track record of delivering on time within budget.  Our focus is to assist our clients in solving their business related problems using technology as a facilitator.  We are able to consistently deliver on time and within budget, because of our project management, development methodology and approach to staffing.

CipherSync͊ wide array of services will help you manage and expand your business.

Portfolio/Program/Project Management

Our Portfolio Management solution offers senior decision-makers a complete solution for their enterprise that leverages an integrated set of best practices and best-of-breed analysis tools to:

bullet Select investments that have the greatest potential
bulletEffectively plan and execute programs that will return the greatest possible value to the business while managing and minimizing risk
bullet Provide ongoing governance and active management of the portfolio to ensure the promised value is delivered

Delivering results on time and within budget requires a truly rare blend of leadership, task visualization, and attention to detail. Project managers from CipherSync combine all of these qualities to help you manage your enterprise. They know how to:


Identify and manage risks right from the start;


Define and manage project scope;


Deliver project results on time and within budget;


Ensure deliverables meet or exceed user needs;


Deliver products of high quality; and


Deliver the benefits that justified your investment.

The CipherSync project management process supports the complete project life cycle and includes the following steps: Project Initiation and Planning; Project Execution; Project Control; and Project Closing.

Security Services

CipherSync created a proprietary framework to address the security objectives of Trustworthy Computing: Secure by Design, Secure by Default, Secure in Deployment, and Communications.  Our services include, but are not limited to:

bullet Building a secure network architecture
bullet Adding security features
bullet Reducing vulnerabilities
bullet Detecting intrusions and violations
bullet Operational Problems
bullet Recovering computers that have been compromised
bullet Coordinating the protection, detection, defense and recovery of critical systems
bullet Getting accurate information and patches out quickly when vulnerabilities are discovered
bullet Helping customers understand how to operate their systems securely with tools and prescriptive guides
bullet Providing warning of new attacks and new best practices that evolve in response to threats and changes in technology
bullet Security Certification and Accreditations (C&A)
bullet Compliance (e.g. HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley) Security

Enterprise Architecture

Our service offering supports the full life-cycle of Enterprise Application Integration, structuring and guiding the transformation of your organization into an agile, streamlined, customer- and partner focused business using Service Oriented Architectures and Business Process Management/Optimization techniques. These include:


EAI Strategy and Planning


Enterprise Architecture Design


Architectural Proof of Concept


Infrastructure Design and Development


Enterprise Systems Integration

bullet Migration Support
bullet BPM/BPO

Application Services 

CipherSync͊ Application Management Service offers a comprehensive life cycle management approach to creating applications of all types, from legacy customer applications to new web-based applications. As your business requirements and priorities change, CipherSync will keep your applications up-to-date over all phases of the life cycle:

bullet Development and Integration
bullet Ongoing Management and Operation
bullet Major Enhancements
bullet Retirement and Replacement

Data Services

CipherSync provides many data and database services related to our client͊ applications, systems, good business practices and information processing requirements. Our data services are designed to optimize date definition, database design, data collection, retention, reporting, and recovery processes utilizing either the Entity-Relationship or the Object Model data methodology.

There are two major methodologies used to create a data model: the Entity-Relationship (ER) approach and the Object Model. The CipherSync approach utilizes the Entity-Relationship methodology and the following process:

bullet Data Modeling In the Context of Database Design
1.  Planning and analysis
Conceptual design
3.  Logical design
4.  Physical design
5.  Implementation
bullet Creation of the Data-Model Components
1.  Entity-relationship diagram
2.  Data document

Service Industries

Government Agencies
Hotel/Resort Management
Information Technology
Law Enforcement/Public Safety
Medical/Medical Care
Real Estate/Mortgage
Utilities/Energy Agencies
and more...

Our Expertise and Excellence

We specialize in the Microsoft羚nt> development tools and other 3rd party tools. Our services help you become more competitive by allowing you to concentrate on your business and its strategy. We have business and technical experts whom will work with you to develop a management strategy that delineates between your core and non-core Finish Line Coupon Code 2014 operations. Incorporating flexibility to meet your changing requirements, we can manage all or part of your applications and systems development, from selective outsourcing to full-scoped systems, including client/server and micro-computing data center management. We provide services for popular operating systems and platforms such as Windows羚nt>, Apple, and Linux.

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