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In today's dynamic world, keeping applications up-to-date and evolving with changing business requirements within ever-tightening budgets is a constant balancing act. Regaining and maintaining control over legacy applications is a major challenge and at some point implementing and operating software internally may no longer be economically feasible.

CipherSync has creative solutions customized for your business dilemmas and the expertise to help in managing change and providing a competitive edge through the innovative use of information technology. We develop and integrate business deliverables tailored to your specific business needs. Our capabilities span the life cycle of a solution, including solution approach, requirements analysis, testing, installation, rollout, evaluation, documentation, and end-user training.

CipherSync’s Application Management Service offers a comprehensive life cycle management approach for applications of all types from legacy customer applications to new web-based applications. As the business requirements and priorities change, CipherSync keeps the applications running, up-to-date and evolving over all phases of the life cycle:

bullet Development and Integration—securely design, develop, test and implement new business applications into business operations
bullet Ongoing Management and Operation—user support, upgrades and enhancements to keep applications up-to-date and running efficiently and effectively
bullet Major Enhancements—technical and functional upgrades to the applications and business processes to evolve the application with changing business needs
bullet Retirement and Replacement—wind-down, archive, cutover and decommission obsolete applications no longer required by the business or being replaced by a new business application

CipherSync’s SDLC Methodology delivers high quality, business enhancing IT solutions and services to our clients. With a sterling track record for service management, customer satisfaction and retention, CipherSync delivers application management services through multi-year outsourcing arrangements, allowing clients to focus on business-critical initiatives.

Bottom Line

bullet Life cycle approach to application management to keep applications running, up-to-date and evolving with changing business needs
bullet Single point of accountability for service delivery through a service delivery model that is  lead by experienced project managers
bullet Service-level management linked to business objectives
bullet Focus on application value through a Portfolio Management approach to managing applications
bullet Ability to work across multiple centers and transfer work between centers as needed through a reliable transition management process
bullet Integrated quality-focused service delivery framework

Our software development team will assist you in requirements gathering, analyzing, designing, testing, debugging, documenting, installing, and maintaining of your older, current, and future applications and systems. We practice the "3Ds". We design, develop, and deliver quality-based products and services.
We specialize in the following growing industry standard application development tools:

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