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Successful IT projects begin with solid program/project management.  CipherSync uses experienced program/project managers on all it’s engagements to ensure quality deliverables that are on time on budget.

Portfolio Prioritization

Portfolio Management Helps Define and Deliver Business Value
CipherSync’s Portfolio Management practice is based upon an integrated set of business processes that systematically select, align and manage investments. Portfolio Management empowers senior decision makers by giving them a clear view of the organization.  By detailing the value of their existing and proposed IT investments—both tangible, like hardware spending and less-tangible, like staffing quality.  This process enables your organization to make the best investment choices.

Beyond evaluating the financial return of investments, CipherSync assesses corporate risk and alignment with overall business strategy.  This ensures decision-makers understand the full value of investments.

Comprehensive Enterprise Solution
Our Portfolio Management solution offers senior decision makers a complete enterprise solution.  This leverages an integrated set of best practices and best-of-breed analysis tools that allow for the:

bullet Selection of investments that have the greatest potential
bullet Effective program planning and execution, to return the greatest possible value to the business while managing and minimizing risk
bullet Ongoing governance and active management of the portfolio to ensure the promised value is delivered

CipherSync’s Portfolio Management solution enhances and facilitates executive decision-making enabling them to pick the winners from the infinite possibilities.

Program/Project Management

Client Challenges

The challenge is to link organizational strategy to successful, consistent, predictable project completion...

Delivering results on time and within budget requires a rare blend of leadership, task visualization, and attention to detail. The best managers apply their instincts and experience to predict and control the future. Finding such managers can be difficult, particularly in an environment where rapidly evolving technologies and fierce competition are forcing businesses to react quickly. Critical projects require immediate results.  Sometimes even having the right manager is not enough. Saddled with the wrong work structure, the best of managers can find a project spinning rapidly out of control. For each type of project, success depends on a balanced mix of experience, skill, leadership, and structure. Project managers from CipherSync combine all of these elements. They know how to:


Identify and manage risks right from the start;


Define and manage project scope;


Deliver project results on time and within budget;


Ensure deliverables meet or exceed user needs;


Deliver products of high quality; and


Deliver the benefits that justified your investment.

CipherSync project managers employ proven work structures that give you control over IT investments, whether your project is tactical and local or global and strategic.

Project Management Process

CipherSync’s methodology allows our project managers to approach each assignment in a consistent, results-oriented manner with a toolkit of best practices in hand. The uniform application of a consistent method of project management favors the identification and control of deliverables. Uniformity also facilitates the assignment and rapid integration of participants in the project.  Every CipherSync service contains our built-in project management process.  We base this on the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) published by the Project Management Institute (PMI).  We have adapted to meet the specific needs of our initiatives. The CipherSync project management process supports the complete project life cycle and includes the following steps:

bullet Project Initiation and Planning
bullet Project Execution
bullet Project Control
bullet Project Closing

Fundamentals of Our Approach                      

The four pillars of CipherSync's project management approach are:

bullet A focus on business benefits—to deliver expected value
bullet Balanced sharing of roles and responsibilities—to meet the goals of key project participants
bullet A deliverable-based structure—to create superior products and services
bullet A delivery management functions—to minimize risks.

Built-in Project Management Solutions

The same consistent project management discipline is part of every CipherSync service.  Whether you require pure IT work, such as systems development, enterprise application integration and business intelligence, or a more business-related solution, such as customer relationship management or e-business, our project management expertise delivers results. We specialize in the design, management, and delivery of mission-critical systems where quality and performance are vital—and deadlines must be met.  CipherSync regards project management as a scarce competence, to be nurtured carefully and developed professionally.  Within CipherSync, we invest heavily in results-oriented management methods and tools, giving our project managers a unique advantage.

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