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Trustworthy Computing must be built on four pillars: reliability, security, privacy, and business integrity.

bullet  Reliability means that a computer system is dependable, is available when needed, and performs as expected and at appropriate levels.
bulletSecurity means that a system is resilient to attack and that the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of both the system and its data are protected.
bulletPrivacy means that individuals have the ability to control data about themselves and that those using such data faithfully adhere to fair information principles.
bulletBusiness integrity is about companies in our industry being responsible to customers and helping them find appropriate solutions for their business issues, addressing problems with products or services, and being open in interactions with customers.

To track and measure its progress, CipherSync has created a framework for the security objectives of Trustworthy Computing: Secure by Design, Secure by Default, Secure in Deployment, and Communications.  Our services include, but are not limited to:

bulletBuilding a secure network architecture
bulletAdding security features
bulletReducing vulnerabilities
bullet Detecting intrusions and violations
bullet Operational Problems
bullet Recovering computers that have been compromised
bullet Coordinating the protection, detection, defense and recovery of critical systems
bulletGetting accurate information and patches out quickly when vulnerabilities are discovered
bulletHelping customers understand how to operate their systems securely with tools and prescriptive guides
bullet Providing warning of new attacks and new best practices that evolve in response to threats and changes in technology
bulletSecurity Certification and Accreditations (C&A)
bullet Compliance (e.g. HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley) Security.
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