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Our service offerings support the full life-cycle of Enterprise Application Integration, structuring and guiding the transformation of your organization into an agile, streamlined, customer- and partner focused business using Service Oriented Architectures and Business Process Management/Optimization techniques. They include:

EAI Strategy and Planning

CipherSync can provide the strategic planning needed to create a coherent framework for managing the challenges of your complex business environment. We focus on understanding your unique challenges, and defining and developing the initiatives that help you overcome them. We partner with you to create a technical strategy aligned with your business goals, thereby deriving maximum benefits from your IT investments.

Enterprise Architecture Design

With today's ever-changing business conditions, technology advances and the increasing availability and maturity of packaged solutions, organizations must integrate all of the disparate components of their enterprises. Together, our experts and techniques provide you with an enterprise architecture that enhances your ability to respond to change. Throughout the design process, CipherSync staff identifies and test the potential tools and software packages that will best suit your organization's needs. Ultimately CipherSync's "blueprint" serves as a master plan for developing and implementing your enterprise-wide architecture.

Architectural Proof of Concept

CipherSync can help you validate the performance of mission-critical architectural components by conducting a proof-of-concept. By employing tangible physical analysis, this approach serves to minimize your risk by enabling informed decision-making.

Infrastructure Design and Development

Once architecture has been designed and validated, requirements must be identified to prepare your infrastructure for EAI implementation. We thoroughly assess your entire environment, including network capacity, hardware and software - to ensure the overall success of your EAI effort.

Enterprise Systems Integration

CipherSync’s systems integration heritage and expertise, allow us to deliver a best-in-class integration solution. Leveraging the master plan already developed for your organization, an integration effort allows you to operate in an environment created by a common platform for information exchange.  This enables a truly integrated Extended Enterprise.

Migration Support

CipherSync supports your needs in transitioning from restrictive legacy environments to integrated environments. This service can also help you in repositioning business operations and data associated with merger and acquisition activity.

More than ever before, success in business depends on successful IT use. E-commerce and e-business solutions, properly planned and implemented, extend the reach of the enterprise to customers, business partners, and suppliers- forming the extended enterprises of the 21st century. Internet and intranet solutions provide the information and applications people need to perform their jobs more proficiently. Business intelligence solutions supercharge marketing and allow executives to make more informed decisions. Well-integrated enterprise applications allow new, more efficient business processes.

Delivering these solutions requires Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and IT managers to take on expanded, high-profile roles. As stewards of the new distributed data center, their decisions directly affect sales and marketing, business development, procurement, employee efficiency, and even the CEO's ability to manage the company. Accordingly, they are under constant pressure to always make right decisions- because wrong decisions, or no decisions, will show up very quickly on the bottom line.

CipherSync helps CIOs and IT managers make right decisions consistently, throughout each phase of the IT life cycle. CipherSync is a full-service IT company with services spanning all forms of IT. From strategic direction-setting to support and maintenance, we offer the expertise and resources to:

bulletSelect and implement the right technology strategy
bullet Develop architectures based on new e-enabling technologies and integrating solution building blocks into powerful business solutions
bulletChange directions in response to new technologies
bullet Support application development, component reuse and package implementations
bullet Deliver services to your customers consistently, efficiently and effectively
bullet Supplement your in-house capabilities with hard-to-find technology competencies

Your IT will become more cohesive, well-managed, and effective, and you will take full advantage of technology-driven opportunities as they arise. Our business is to help you deliver complete business solutions.

CipherSync’s business solution framework is based on our extended enterprise model. This model represents the major business components within an enterprise.

Information Technology services wrapped around this model support organizations in a range of challenges, from developing the IT vision and strategy to technology infrastructure support and maintenance. Delivery of all information technology services is supported by our development methodology, an integrated suite business and IT methods to initiate, implement, and manage change in your organization.

CipherSync’s sole business is IT-enabled change. We are a full-service IT company with services spanning all forms of IT. We thoroughly understand the role IT plays in supporting organizations and the value IT can bring to those organizations. With CipherSync Information Technology Software Services, you will:

bulletReach out to a wider market
bullet Provide improved access to customers
bullet Strengthen internal processes
bulletMake more informed and responsive decisions
bulletWe help you deliver comprehensive IT solutions for complete business solutions.
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